Proton Therapy

Willis-Knighton Cancer Center offers the most advanced form of cancer fighting technology in the world. Proton Therapy with Pencil Beam Scanning allows us to perform Intensity Modulated Proton Therapy (IMPT). Willis-Knighton has installed Proteus®ONE, the first compact IMPT proton therapy system in the world. Willis-Knighton has again, shown the foresight and leadership to provide therapy not available anywhere in the region.

Proton therapy is the most precise form of radiation treatment available today. An advanced type of radiation treatment that uses a beam of protons to destroy the primary tumor site while leaving surrounding healthy tissue and organs intact and unharmed. Unlike traditional radiation, protons stop at a certain depth and do not continue to travel through the body which is how surrounding healthy tissue is undamaged. Tumors close to important body structures (brain, spinal cord, optic nerve, heart, lung, bladder, and rectum) can be more safely treated.