Your Labor

When you arrive on the labor unit, the staff will provide you with a gown and help you get comfortable in your hospital room.

  • Your nurse will ask important questions about your health and history, check your vital signs, and begin monitoring you and your baby.
  • Your nurse will continuously monitor the health of you and your baby throughout your entire labor.
  • You will be given an IV for the duration of your labor. IV access is necessary so that fluids and medications can be administered quickly if needed.
  • Be sure to discuss your birth plan with your nurse.
  • Your nurse will communicate with you and your doctor to ensure you are as comfortable as possible during your labor. Our patients choose from a variety of pain relief methods including IV medications, epidural anesthesia, natural pain relief methods, or a combination of these options. Discuss your pain management plan with your doctor and nurse.
  • The average length of active labor is eight hours, though every labor is different.
  • Having a support person with you can help ease fear and anxiety.