Cesarean Delivery

If your cesarean delivery is scheduled, you will first be taken to a prep room. If your cesarean delivery is unexpected, you will be prepped in your labor room.

  • Preparation includes a history and health assessment of mom and baby, an IV, and hair removal using clippers if necessary.
  • A nurse or doctor from anesthesia will discuss your medication options with you before taking you into the operating room.
  • After your anesthesia has been administered, the nurse will place a urinary catheter into your bladder to keep it empty.
  • Your abdomen will be washed with an antibacterial solution, and sterile paper drapes will be placed over your body so that only your abdomen is exposed.
  • You may have one support person in the room with you.
  • The anesthesiologist will sit near your head to keep you comfortable and answer your questions. With rare exceptions, your medication will allow you to be completely awake and alert during the delivery, but you will not feel any pain.
  • When your baby is born, the doctor or nurse will show you your baby, then take the baby to a warmer for drying and diapering. If there are no complications, your nurse can wrap your baby in a blanket and your support person can hold the baby next to your head so that you can meet your baby while your surgery is completed.
  • If your baby requires help transitioning from womb to world, the nurse will take your baby to the nursery. Your support person may stay with you or can come to the nursery window to see the baby.
  • You will be taken to recovery after the delivery and will remain there for two hours while staff monitor your health.
  • As soon as your surgery is over and your baby is able, you can place your baby skin to skin.