When there’s a problem with your heart, we may use interventional cardiology to treat it. Interventional cardiology is a nonsurgical method that uses catheter-based technology to treat heart and vascular problems.

Interventional cardiology is less invasive than other treatment options like open-heart surgery. That means there’s less risk involved and, oftentimes, a shorter recovery. In some cases, interventional cardiology procedures don't even require an overnight stay in the hospital.

Reasons to see our interventional cardiologists

Interventional cardiology is a common treatment option for a number of heart and vascular conditions, including: 

Treatment we offer

We offer a wide variety of innovative treatments, including:

Our interventional cardiology team

When you choose Willis-Knighton's Heart & Vascular Institute, you can count on getting the best possible treatment from a team of experts. Two of the things that make our interventional cardiology staff noteworthy are:

Collaboration. Our interventional cardiologists work closely with our cath lab teams, which include registered nurses, radiology technicians and other experts. This close collaboration helps ensure that your treatment goes as smoothly as possible.

Ongoing training. Every member of our team members receives an extensive 3-part training when they start working for us. They also take part in continuing education on new techniques, technologies and equipment throughout the year.

We also require that our cath lab team undergo a skills review process twice a year to ensure they provide you with correct and quality medical attention.