Community Commitment & Philanthropy

Supporting Our Community

Willis-Knighton Health System is a locally-owned, locally-operated health system in Shreveport-Bossier. Therefore, we understand our responsibility to improve not just the health of but the quality of life of the people we serve.

As a not-for-profit community healthcare organization, Willis-Knighton Health System donates a minimum of 10% of its profits back into the community each year to support worthy organizations and activities. Willis-Knighton is one of only a few health systems in the nation that practices this tithe-the-bottom-line philosophy of giving.

In addition to returning profits to the community to support community organizations, Willis-Knighton also reinvests its profits into buildings, equipment and technology that expand and enhance healthcare for all citizens. When Willis-Knighton is successful, the entire community benefits.

Examples of this philanthropy have included:  

  • Support in excess of $170 million for LSU School of Medicine in Shreveport since the 1990s to support training of physicians and allied health professionals to care for residents of our community
  • Dedicated funds to aid organizations focusing on health awareness and community health issues
  • Contributions of rapid response SPRINT vehicles to the Shreveport Fire Department for EMS calls and funding for the Shreveport Police Department for its special response team
  • Leadership contributions to save cultural resources and enhance music education for youth
  • Support for the homeless through the successful local programs
  • Support for schools and youth athletics
  • Millions of dollars of charity care for residents on Medicaid or those without insurance

Willis-Knighton’s Contributions Committee meets throughout the year to review requests. In recognition of Willis-Knighton’s role as a not-for-profit community healthcare organization, the committee focuses on WK’s mission to “continuously improve the health and well-being of the people we serve.”

Please read the information provided here to assure your organization or project qualifies before you submit a request form.

How to Apply for Funding

Willis-Knighton awards two types of funding: 

  • Sponsorships – $5,000 or less
  • Grants – Over $5,000

Our Priorities

Willis-Knighton directs the majority of its philanthropy to three focus areas:   

  • healthcare
  • public education, with an emphasis on the institutions that train physicians and healthcare professionals to care for our population
  • humanitarian service organizations

Funding for other categories may also be considered, based on community needs and benefits to our community.

Funding Preferences

Funding preference is given to:

  • Local public agencies, public schools or groups designated 501(c)3 charitable nonprofit organizations by the IRS. (A letter of determination of the group’s IRS ruling as a charitable organization must accompany those requests.)
  • Organizations located in Shreveport-Bossier, serving local residents. (Those not located in our community should document types of local services and number of people served locally.)
  • Projects or initiatives that provide direct funding to reach large numbers of people in the communities we serve.
  • Projects or initiatives that address unmet needs in our community.
  • Projects or initiatives not duplicated by others in our community.

Sports Requests

Funding for athletics or sports events is administered through the Willis-Knighton Sports Medicine program, with funding focused on schools affiliated with that program. School sports requests should be made by a school principal or athletic director. Willis-Knighton supports sports in general and not specific teams. Before submitting a request involving sports, please consult with the program director,  Amy Sudduth.  Email:

School Requests

School requests other than sports/teams should be prioritized and submitted by the school principal or assistant principal.

Race/Run/Walk Events

Because our community has a large number of walks and races, funding for these activities is generally limited to organizations that are healthcare related. Preference is given to health organizations that have sponsorship and participation from Willis-Knighton departments. If this is the case with your organization, a statement of support from the director of the sponsoring WK department should be submitted as part of your sponsorship or grant request. 


Willis-Knighton prefers to fund scholarships directly through the universities and colleges rather than as a pass-through to another organization. Currently, the health system funds scholarships (as well as professorships) at numerous colleges and universities, with a focus on training of healthcare workers for the future. Additionally, to encourage community service, Willis-Knighton sponsors the community service scholarships presented annually at the Independence Bowl. We also offer a Give Back scholarship program for children of its employees to encourage charitable works by the next generation.

Contribution Request Guidelines

  • No funding from Willis-Knighton is guaranteed to any organization.
  • One request per organization will be funded in each fiscal year (October 1 to September 30).
  • Funding is generally provided for one year only or in the case of grants, larger grants may have a multiyear fixed commitment.
  • Organizations must apply annually for WK sponsorship funding.
  • All requests must be submitted using the Contributions Request Form on this page.
  • Requests should be submitted at least 90 days prior to the time the donation is required.
  • Preference is given to organizations that (1) have an organized presence in our community and (2) provide specific benefits to residents here through ongoing programs and activities.

The Contributions Committee does not approve contributions for:

  • Individuals (pageants, trips, conferences, tournaments, camps, etc.)
  • For-profit organizations
  • Political causes or candidates
  • Religious or fraternal organizations
  • School  related travel
  • Speaker fees or travel
  • Organizations that have already received funding during the fiscal cycle (October 1 – September 30). Only one request will be funded in a fiscal year.
  • Programs not focused on our service area.

Notification of Award

Requests that are approved for funding receive notice of the award through U.S. Postal Service mail.

Follow-Up Reporting

Within a year of a receiving a contribution from Willis-Knighton, organizations that received funding must submit a report regarding the use of funds from Willis-Knighton and their impact. If a report is not received, unfortunately, the committee will not be able to consider future funding requests from the organization. Reports for Grants should be more extensive than those for Sponsorships.

Submitting a Contribution Request

You will submit your request and all documentation online.

Due to the large volume of requests received, Willis-Knighton does not accept requests or provide responses by telephone or in person.

Apply for Funding