CT Scanning

Multislice CT Scanning for Diagnostic Accuracy

Sophisticated multislice CT scanning is available throughout Willis-Knighton, in both hospital and outpatient settings. The scanner creates cross-sectional images, or slices, that show the most intricate details of bones, organs, arteries and additional tissues. Computed tomography of coronary arteries is offered as a noninvasive way to evaluate nonemergency chest pain.

64/128 Slice CT Scanners

The 64/128 Slice CT scanners are among the most advanced technologies available, providing physicians with high-quality diagnostic images for increased patient care. It offers unparalleled sub-millimeter detail as well as a lower radiation dose to the patient. No matter which technology is right for you, there is no better place than Willis-Knighton Health System for state-of-the-art equipment which provides high quality images, with a decreased exam time, and with the least radiation dose to the patient possible.

What are the benefits of a low-dose CT Scanner? 

  • Faster Exam Times
  • Reduced Exposure to Radiation 
  • Higher Quality Images 
  • Noninvasive Images of the Lungs, Heart & Arteries 
  • 3D Modeling of Bones and Soft Tissue