Willis-Knighton Hospice of Louisiana is a department of the fastest growing medical center in Northwest Louisiana.

Willis-Knighton Hospice of Louisiana provides skilled services and compassionate support from a team of professionals that includes the attending physician, medical director, registered nurses, social workers, chaplains, home health aides, music therapy, auxiliary services and volunteers. This team works with the patient and the family to provide the best care possible.

We at Hospice recognize that the journey of life is transition. We focus on the quality of life rather than the quantity of life by letting the patient live at home surrounded by loved ones and familiar possessions and letting the patient live life his or her own way.

For information about Willis-Knighton Hospice of Louisiana and volunteer activities, please call our office at (318) 212-2170. We can be reached Monday-Friday from 8:00am to 4:30pm. We also can be reached on weekends at (318) 212-2170 and have the hospice nurse called.

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I'm involved in volunteer work 
It's very rewarding 'tis true 
Helping people is what it's all about 
There are a whole lot of things to do 

To give people comfort to the end 
And take some of the pain away 
To help them in every aspect of their life 
Up until the very last day 

To see all of the other volunteers 
Is very inspiring to me 
To watch them go about their work 
Is something everyone needs to see 

I plan to volunteer forever 
And work like a metronome 
Then I can hear the words "well done" 
when Jesus calls me home 

Tecora Gatlin 
Hospice Volunteer