The Joint Commission

Time is brain. That’s why Willis-Knighton offers best practice protocols for treatment of stroke. Willis-Knighton offers accredited stroke centers at WK Pierremont Health Center and WK Bossier Health Center and follows protocols at each hospital emergency room.  These methods help identify acute strokes and enable prompt treatment.  Quick treatment results in a faster recovery with better functional results.

Willis-Knighton also supports public education of the BEFAST acronym. This acronym can help the public recognize symptoms of stroke and get to an emergency room quickly.

B   BALANCE dizzy, unsteady

E   EYES vision loss

F   FACE drooping

A  ARM weakness

S  SPEECH difficult or hard to understand

T  TIME to call 9-1-1?

If a stroke is suspected, someone should call 9-1-1 immediately because they can get there quickly and immediately analyze and report to the emergency department, providing critical time and support. A person with these symptoms should never drive or be driven to the emergency room by a friend or family member.