When patients come to one of the Critical Care Units at Willis-Knighton, they need help - yours and ours. The professional staff understands how difficult it can be to sit and wonder about a seriously ill loved one. We understand the feeling of wanting to be there to comfort and let your loved one know you are there for them. We know you have many questions and we want to answer as many as we can. We hope that this will answer some questions for you and give you the assurance of knowing that our primary goal is to return your loved one to you in good health.

Our primary goal at Willis-Knighton is the same as yours, the recovery of your loved one. Our job is making sure patients in the Critical Care receive the very best medical care in a loving compassionate way. This requires teamwork between you and the professional staff of the Critical Care. The staff will be with your loved one 24 hours a day. There will be times when we feel your loved one needs extra rest or a shorter visitation. Remember, this is done in the best interests of the patient.

All four Willis-Knighton hospitals have Critical Care areas. Each of these units is specifically designed and equipped to provide continuous monitoring and observation of seriously ill patients.

Admission to one of these units is requested when the physician and nurses feel it is best for the patient to be more closely monitored than is possible on a regular floor. More “intensive care” can be given because the nurses are highly trained and are responsible for fewer patients in the Critical Care setting than on other nursing units. Critical Care nurses have received specialized training through courses and seminars. In addition there are other professionals, such as respiratory therapists to help care for the patient.

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