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New KidsHealth Allergy Center Available on Willis-Knighton Website


Just in time for spring, KidsHealth, the comprehensive library of health information for children hosted by Willis-Knighton Health System, has created a new Allergy Center for parents, kids, and teens.

Up to 50 million Americans, including millions of kids, have some type of allergy, and allergies account for the loss of an estimated 2 million school days per year. The KidsHealth library is a great resource for families as they head outside for some fun in the warm spring weather. The WK KidsHealth library can be found at wkkidshealth.com. Type “allergies” in the KidsHealth search bar.

KidsHealth features thousands of medically reviewed articles, animations, features, and news written to be age-appropriate for three distinct audiences: parents, kids, and teens. Parents will have access to information about seasonal allergies, food allergies, insect sting allergies and even a question and answer section. They can direct their children to sections designed specifically for them.

Willis-Knighton partners with KidsHealth, a nonprofit organization devoted exclusively to children’s health, to provide this service to families in our area.