Patients & Visitors

Preventing Falls

Accidental falls may occur in the hospital. Our team of nurses, doctors, physical therapists, and assistants are here to help you with a safe and speedy recovery. Your participation and cooperation are needed to help you prevent unnecessary injury.

Safety guidelines for preventing falls: 

  • Follow your doctor’s orders and the nurses’ instructions regarding whether you must stay in bed or call for assistance to go to the bathroom.
  • For family and friends: If your loved one is unsteady or at risk for falls, PLEASE call for help if he or she needs to get out of bed. Don’t try to help them by yourself. 
  • If you feel dizzy or weak getting out of bed, ask the nurse/nursing assistant for help. Remember you are more likely to faint or feel dizzy after sitting or lying in bed for a long time. If you must get up without waiting for help, sit in bed a while before standing. Then rise carefully and slowly begin to walk. 
  • Wear rubber-soled slippers or shoes whenever you walk in the hospital. Walk slowly and carefully when out of bed. Do not lean or support yourself on rolling objects such as IV poles or your bedside table. 
  • Please be patient – someone will answer your call as promptly as possible. Use your call bell to call for help and wait for someone to arrive to assist you. Remain lying or seated while you wait for assistance. 
  • Do not tamper with side rails. Side rails are reminders to stay in bed and are designed to ensure your safety.