Patients & Visitors

Caring For Your Hospitalized Child

Check your child’s identification band. Make sure the information on the band is correct. Staff will check the armband or ask you to verify your child’s name and date of birth before tests, medications, or procedures.

  • You or someone you trust must remain with your child at all times if they are under 13 years old. 
  • Immediately tell caregivers if your child is in pain or if you are concerned about your child’s condition. 
  • All staff should wear an identification badge. Ask to see a badge if you can’t see it. Inform your nurse if you have any concerns regarding the safety or security of your child while in the hospital 
  • Comfort your child with your voice or touch. Read to your child or play their favorite music. Allow your child rest periods by limiting noise, activity and number of visitors. 
  • Take care of yourself – having a child in the hospital is very stressful. Get some rest, eat well-balanced meals, and have a support person with you.